Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Greenwich Boat Show

It's almost time, April 21st & 22nd from 9am-4pm! 

The annual Greenwich Boat Show arrives early each season. There is no charge to attend or for sea-trials. This boat show is unlike any other because all boats are in the water and customers are invited to ride and compare new boat models. Customers are encouraged to schedule sea-trials in advance. The Greenwich Boat Show was a concept born to let the consumer feel how each model performs and how they drive. 

Nine of Connecticut’s top dealers have joined together to host the annual Greenwich In-Water Boat Show early each season, for the past five years. There has never been a charge to attend, or for sea-trials.  This boat show is unlike any other because all boats are in the water and customers are invited to ride and compare new boat models. Customers are encouraged to schedule sea-trials in advance and take out as many different models as they may be interested in, the idea is to actually see how the boat will ride in open water. The Greenwich Boat Show was a concept born to let the consumer feel how each model performs and how they drive.   

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We hope to see you all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sign up for your Sea-Trials and Enter to win a Garmin

Last Change to register for our Sea-Trials and Enter to win a Garmin GPSMAP 78!

Unlike any other In-Water Boat Show, the Greenwich Boat Show offers our buyers the ability to test drive the boats in our FREE Sea Trials. In our sea trails you will have the ability to get behind the wheel and experience the maneuverability of our boats along with what it feels like to be in the driver's seat. Are you ready to start those engines? Come dressed to Captain!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Diamond Marine

Join us April 21 & 22, 2012, 9am -4pm at the Greenwich Boat Show!

Diamond Marine will have Steigercrafts during the Greenwich Boat Show. For over a decade, Diamond Marine has been breaking new ground in bringing to the boating community a wide selection of very competitively priced new and pre-owned boats, backed by a commitment to outstanding customer service and support. We also specialize in International sales and shipment of vessels, and our in-house service department offers expert service, repair and maintenance for all leading motor/vessel manufacturers.

You can visit Diamond Marine at and view their selection of Steigercraft.

For over 30 years Steigers have been associated with quality “no frills” construction for anglers and
cruisers who appreciate reliable low-maintenance boating. Steiger’s are popular with fisherman and commercial fleets, as well as traditionalists wanting an easy to maintain reliable vessel. At Steiger, emphasis has been on limited production to tightly control build quality and guarantee the highest possible standards.

Time is running out please book your sea trial now, spots are limited!

Beacon Point Marine

Join us April 21 & 22, 2012, 9am -4pm at the Greenwich Boat Show!

Beacon Point Marine is a full service clean marina, resting along the CT shoreline for over twenty years. We're a 5 Star Certified Dealer offering the finest new and pre-owned vessels. We invite you to visit us and see why so many customers return for professional service that they can rely on and trust.

Beacon Point is Offering the following Boats at the Greenwich Boat Show:

Through their history of design innovation and commitment to unparalleled performance, the Dougherty family has succeeded in creating the finest luxury family fishing boats available. With 16 models to choose from — from our 21-foot Center Console to the 35-foot Express — Everglades has every boating lifestyle covered. Innovation plus luxury, that is Everglades Boats.

Sea Fox
These precision cut CAD-designed bay boats are built to fish both inshore and nearshore waters. The design features just the right amount of freeboard that gives a low wind profile, while offering the safety and security today’s anglers demand. The boat’s reverse transom and wide beam help make these boats more stylish and stable than the competition. The innovative CAD-designed hull with downward progressive strakes and Carolina flair offer a dry ride, while the low bow rise and quick plane time can be attributed to the integrated planing pods. A stepped hull was also integrated into the design to achieve the best fuel efficiency and horsepower maximization possible.

To simply say that Scout Boats is an innovative fishing boat company would be a gross understatement. Scout has earned a reputation for being on the cutting edge of design and quality. Consider just a few of the unique design features that make a Scout a Scout.

What may look good to a designer on a drawing board may not work when it comes to the real world rigors of the marine environment. Most manufacturers lay the deck over the hull and then screw the two parts together. The flaw here is that in rough conditions, water is allowed to get between the joint and into the boat, the last place it should be. By pioneering the industry's first reverse-shoebox hull/deck design, Steve not only increased the overall strength of his hulls, but made them safer at the same time

You can view more information on Beacon Point Marine at

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Dealer Spotlight: Catalano and Sons

Join us April 21 & 22, 2012, 9am -4pm at the Greenwich Boat Show!

Catalano and Sons offers will have Grady-White's on display at the Greenwich Boat Show.  A consistent winner of Grady-White’s prestigious Admiral’s Circle sales and service award, Catalano and Sons understands and focuses on these elements.

You can visit Catalano and Sons at and view their selection of Grady-White's.

Grady-White creates a great boat that will make you and your family very happy. The design, detail, ride, dependability, comfort and confidence you feel on the water with Grady-White is carefully engineered into each and every boat built. Plus Grady-White is unique in the industry in offering Grady Care which is the industry’s best example of customer-focused organization and initiatives, and Catalano and Sons is a strong part of the Grady Care commitment.

Time is running out please book your sea trial now, spots are limited!