Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Twin Hull Boats

Join us April 13 & 14, 2013, 9 am – 4 pm at the Greenwich Boat Show!

The folks at Twin Hull Boats in Bridgeport, Connecticut, are like guardian angels for boat buyers. Purchasing a boat – the right boat – can be a big and intimidating investment. They understand that at Twin Hull Boats, and they make it their mission to create a boat-buying process that is easy, helpful and matches you to a boat that is right for you.

Twin Hull Boats can also assist you with your financing once you find the right boat that fits your needs. And chances are that boat will be a versatile, stable catamaran. Twin Hull Boats is a full-service, authorized power catamaran dealer for such lines as Carolina Cat, Glacier Bay and WorldCat.

The catamaran design allows for a stable, level boating experience, and allows for plenty of space onboard. And in the duel hull world, the inventory offered by Twin Hull Boats represent the best in the business.

Carolina Cat’s 18 and 23-foot vessels offer an incredible ride that will make you think you are in a much larger boat. Thanks to their hull design, they part the waves like no boats in their class, creating a smooth ride.

For something larger, the Glacier Bay line offers cats from 27 to nearly 37 feet. Glacier Bay has perfected the high-speed, displacement hull, and tests have shown their boats experience 50 percent less roll when at rest.

Their line of WorldCat boats offer a variety of cabin models, center consoles and dual consoles. WorldCat vessels are known for their soft, high-speed ride that can get you where you want to go fast. They feature plenty of usable deck space, and with their shallow draft you can access “skinny” water and not have to wade far to reach the beach.

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Contacts: Chris & Donna 203-334-4403,
Address: 135 Bywatyr Lane, Bridgeport, CT 06605

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