Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Boating families take shape at the Greenwich Boat Show

“Family Time” has never had it tougher than it does today. With busy schedules and people getting lost in their smartphones and video games, it’s harder than ever for a family to come together around one thing they all love and enjoy.

But there is one thing that still unites families: boating.

Whether it is kids laughing as they cruise over the waves, or the enjoyment you feel traveling to new ports, or the thrill of discovering a secluded cove where you can swim, picnic or fish, boating has a way of bringing families together and changing lives like few other activities can.
If you’re thinking of making your family a boating family, you’ll have plenty of family-friendly boats to consider at the Greenwich Boat Show on April 11 and 12 on the Mianus River in Cos Cob. A favorite among Northeast boaters, the Greenwich Boat Show invites attendees to walk the docks and actually test out boats on the open waters of Long Island Sound.

The Greenwich Boat Show is also renowned for its incredible variety of powerboats. This year’s show will feature the largest collection of dealers and boats yet, so families looking to purchase a boat will have a huge selection to choose from. One of the show’s family cruising heavyweights is sure to be vessels from Sea Ray, which, with its spacious cockpits and comfortable cabins, has become synonymous with family cruising. Boaters will also be able to tour family favorites such as Regal, Monterey and Chaparral. For boaters interested in the performance and comfort of a dual hull vessel, models from Carolina Cat will be on display. And for the kind of layout and comfort that only a pontoon boat can provide, pontoons from Bennington and Premier will be available.

The Greenwich Boat Show’s selection of family-friendly boats is only the beginning. The show also boasts a huge variety of other styles of boats, including luxury, fishing, cruising and more. To make sure you get to try out the boat you want, show organizers recommend attendees visit the show’s website to schedule sea-trials in advance.

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